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Saint Patrick's day is comin up, and in an effort to take part in the festivities, we've printed a coozie that alludes to a cliche and Peter Criss from Kiss. The idea for this coozie started the same way many of our ideas start; simply by waiting. Some approach brainstorming by getting a bunch of people together in a room and writing their thoughts down on a large whiteboard while hoping that along the way some resounding idea will reveal itself. This is not the case at Team. You see, when seeking a thought or idea, we sit and wait. That is all. In a way, the beginning of our creative process is similar to meditation. The photo below is a perfect example of this, in which John waits, on the couch, for ideas. The following photos capture John's workflow while creating the coozie illustration and the final product.


John practicing a W. Oakland form of meditation. The beginning of the creative process.

Some of the reference pictures used to make the illustration.

Sharpie meets paper and boom! the idea is now concrete.


The original scan of the drawing laid out with a reference shot.

After some Photoshop touchup/magic, the final image is ready to be printed on transparency paper. 

The image is now ready to be burned to screen. 

The final product. From now on until Saint Patty's day, each order will be shipped with a complementary coozie. An be on the lookout for the five new products we will be unveiling at the beginning of next month. Have a great weekend!


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