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"Some of the best playoff basketball I've seen", said Reed (one-time employee of the month here at TEAM), while discussing the ongoing NBA playoffs. This year's playoffs have been quite dramatic. On the surface, Donald Sterling serves as the drama queen. But even if Sterling is ousted as owner he will still profit from the subsequent sale. According to the Times, "Sterling spent $12.7 million to buy the team in 1981. Forbes estimated the team's value at $575 million this year". On the other hand, the games themselves have been dramatic.  Three of the six remaining series will go to game seven and the the other two are headed to game six.

So, without further ado, here at TEAM's 2014 playoff (first-round) prediction: In the West, we believe the Warriors will take the Clippers in game seven. Los Angeles need not mourn this loss since they can take hope in their hockey team. As for the rest, the Spurs will trump the Mavericks, Portland will take game six and hopefully game seven, and the Thunder will definitely win game seven. 

As for the East, it is likely the Hawks will beat the Pacers. The Pacers aren't looking so hot these days and if the Hawks get their shooting down it'll be done deal. The Bulls got whopped by the Wizards but, after all, thats not surprising because a Wizard always beats a Bull. Speaking of which, we are printing a shirt that commemorates both the Bulls and Danzig. As John says, "In junior high everybody had a Bulls jersey. I wore a Danzig shirt".  I pray that the Heat loose in the second round. Even better would be if the Raptors won the Championship.  


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