FAT FILES! December 02 2010

Aaron De La Cruz stopped by last night and gave us these flat files.

Thanks bud.

They were full of these awesome kids drawings that had been sitting in a storage unit.

E.T. with some kind of dredlock, beaver tail thing.

A tough guy with eyepatch and knife, hair made out of the projects, an I (heart) crack bag tat, gold teeth and a Ninja Turtle stomach "situation."

A maniac smoking a cigarette with a razorblade in it, ears with chains through them, connected to Shredder style metal shoulder armor (or, is it an iron cross necklace THROUGH his neck?) fangs and PCP snake eyes.

And this. Alf baby with a bottle of Wild Turkey falling out of a Ford truck, titled "Are Ansestors!"


Working on shirts for Kona Club today..