We went to a few different shows in the city last night.. One called CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, a solo show by Justin Limoges, with sort of Raymond Pettibon-esque drawings and some funny sculptures, inluding, yes, a chocolate fountain. Overall it was a great show.

From there it was down to 111 Minna for the 111 @ 111 show. 111 artists, 1,000 drunkies standing in front of paintings. I probably saw 17 pieces then gave up. Oh well. But, I ran into good friend, funny man and amazing stencil artist ADAM 5100. We talked for a while about some surprisingly similar ideas we had, sort of art and business related, and we are definitely looking forward to working on some prints with him soon.

Finally we made it to Space Gallery for the Archaic Revival, which showcased rock poster artists David D'Andrea, Alan Forbes, and Stacie Willoughby. It was a great show.. absolutely amazing illustrations and lettering. It was great to see the inked originals next to their screen printed counterparts, which, to me, highlighted the crucial relationship between artist and printer. David is an amazing artist and truely humble person, and it is always refreshing to talk to him. Check out his work here.


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