Were Goin to the Playoffs!

2013 MLB Playoffs Baseball Oakland As Rollicorn Rollie Fingers World Series

Well, the A's did it again, they're goin to the playoffs! This years team is truly a bargain team. Out of the ten teams likely to go to the playoffs, Oakland's budget ranks second to last, just a couple mill above the Pirates. Of course, that doesn't really mean shit. But if the Pirates and the A's ended up in the world series?! damn, real underdogs! Here at Team the majority of our staff is from Pennsylvania so were rootin for the Pirates! 

So here we go again, our 2013 playoff predictions. For our analysis we relied upon complex statistical analysis and some dank bud. In the American League we forecast that the Indians will beat the Rays, and the A's will beat the Tigers. For the AL Championships we predict that the A's will prevail against the Red Sox. In the National League we see the Pirates beating the Reds and Braves, while the Cardinals will trump the Dodgers. The NL Championship will definitely go to the Pirates. That means an A's vs. Pirates world series! 

That would truly be historic! It's been 23 years since the A's went to the series, and an astounding 34 years for the Pirates. Speaking of historic, we have a shirt that commemorates Roland Glen Fingers, a.k.a. Rollie Fingers, the renowned A's reliever.

It's called ' Rollicorn ' and is available on the e-store. After all, if you believe in unicorns you probably also believe that the A's will win the World Series. 



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