Today's event at Manifesto was a ton of fun. Here's the poster we designed and printed for it, Eddie on a date.

And check out his chic single-speed Manifesto build. (Dude could definitely use a pair of shoes though.)

Before the crowds.


Setting up our table and live print demo.

Fist of Flour Pizza was there early, making pizza-pies. 


We printed up and quite a few of these, and Manifesto donated all proceeds to the Ella Baker Center.

Lots of people came. At this point the bands were playing and the overall vibe was "chill."


We were able to have funny and meaningful, sometimes touching conversations with friends and strangers alike.


At some point everybody decided to stand as close as possible to John's back, which made him have to print in this funny stance. Toes up.


Paul and Ryan got focused on some apparently delicious tacos from El Tacobike.


And this kid had the spirit. Many thanks to Sam and MacKay for inviting us to be a part of today's festivities!

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