The True North Strong and Free! April 04 2014

TEAM PRINT SHOP is once again bringing you some [high]lowbrow art. In the bay area, April 20th marks a widely celebrated holiday rich in traditions of music, snacks, and art. Like any other big holiday, 4/20 entails a considerable amount of pre-holiday stress. This week, contract work is through the roof as weed clubs, rappers, and hippies all placed rush orders (too busy prepping for the holidays to remember to place orders 10-14 days before the 20th), but, rest assured, I’ve taken some time to create a few items commemorating the holiday. I have been thinking about the impending holiday and how we could create something to capture the joy of the day. Early on, I thought about creating a poster of Tony the Tiger with weed stripes or Fred Flintstone smoking a joint (get it? Fred Flintstoned–brilliant). While these are all really spectacular ideas, I wanted to achieve something deeper, something reflective of both the spirit of the holiday and the state of the world. Man, heavy challenge.

While taking a sandwich break at the Railroad Deli and talking current events, eureka struck. Discussing international relations and years of Russia and Ukraine mean girling each other, I thought about our own relationship with our friends to the north.

The United States and Canada are bunkbed close, but so chill.  Yea, Canadians probably know American history better than most Americans and can bring up valid points related to any shitty thing American has done…but Canada, we demand you explain Justin Bieber and money printed with a queen. 

So yes, we might think each other are dummies, but we need each other. It’s common knowledge Canadians rely on us for water and bread as the country’s water is frozen and the government mandates all yeast be used for beer production. No biggie, we’ll share because you’ve returned the favor with comedy greats like John Candy, Kids in the Hall, and the McKenzie Brothers. Also, thanks for Neil Young. I would, however, propose a net along the border during migratory seasons to restrict the crossing of Canadian Geese. I dream of a future of shit free parks! Imagine Oakland’s Lake Merritt filled with hot babes sunning on shit free lawn!

So, in a roundabout way, these deep thoughts inspired two very profound items for 420. The flag was inspired by memories of the release of Dr Dre’s The Chronic. The album inspired entire high school art classes to draw weed leaves...which were explained to faculty to be maple leaves – an artistic nod to the great country of Canada. The second item, a pin, depicts John Candy as an astronaut. A man who died too young…Google Canadians astronauts (Chris Hadfield) – hands down, coolest guys in space. 

The flag and pin come as a set for $5 and will be available till the end of April. Peace out Hosers!


-John Ream