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Became a print master, since then its been a disaster for you and your favourite printers

live press live print Oakland screen printing team print shop

Last night Team Print Shop made their presence at the Dogwood Bar for a coozie live-print. For $3 people were able to purchase a crisp Ol' Brick Bitter, brewed by Liden Street, and with that received a freshly printed coozie. Freqeunt shop lurker Paul Solis desgined the art for this coozie and was on deck hustlin fools for $3. Thank you to Liden Street and the Dogwood for makin it happin!  

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Live Print @ Dogwood Bar

john ream live print Oakland sanfrancisco screen printing team print shop

Coozie Live Print Release
Team Print Shop x Paul Solis
August 12 @ 7pm
Happy Hour all day!
Ages 4.3+


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Mention me when you mention God

FTW tattoo john ream Oakland pacific ink sanfrancisco screen printing team print shop wood panel

This weekend Jason Phillips, from FTW Tattoo Parlor, based out of Oakland, will be attending the Pacific Ink & Art Exposition in Honolulu. Jason designed the image seen above and we helped him print the 4-color image on a wood panel that measures 6 X 8 inches. The original artwork was done as a water color painting and the final product was our subsequent interpretation. We wish Jason good luck in his Honolulu adventures this weekend. Check out more of Jason's work here.  -ghostrider

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