the Story of the Bludds October 24 2013

About a month back, our buddy Brad Boulton was unemployed. Some see unemployment as a break from the real world. Not Brad though. The entire time Brad was out of work he was busy creating and designing. Here at TEAM, we were lucky to capitalise off of his efforts with 'the Bludds' shirt. Designed and created by Brad, its unique in many ways, just like Brad himself. 

Brad is originally from the South, but now resides in Oakland. I met Brad a few years back through skateboarding. Bottom line, the guy rips. Without further ado, a conversation with the man himself. From the south to your mouth, give it a read. 

words & interview by: ghostrider

photos by: Matt Quiggle

Let's start with some basics. How old are? Where are you from and how long have you living in Oakland,CA for?

38 years old, I'm from Conyers, Georgia, and I've been in Oakland since about 2002.

What type of spots do you like to skate?

I like a little bit of everything. I'm happy just pushing. I'm really happy once I get the grind pumpin. Jus carvin mainly. My ollies have gone down in the last few years so I'm more about transition now, I guess. I'm still learning new shit, even with the basics. But as long as I can grind something and carve I'm happy.

Has your approach and perspective of skateboarding changed since you started?

Shit man, I don't know If I ever had an approach. I been there, get buzzed, and roll around. That's an approach. It comes in waves, I've definitely seen it at it's high and low points. It goes in cycles for sure. And then you know, all the genres, the brand names, and the tricks involved with it. It's definitely got it's ups and downs, just like everything.

So your birthday was a few weeks back, did you get anything good?

Yeah man, I got some tampons. My buddy 'Manada' brought me some Maxi-pads so I was pretty stocked about that. I didn't know what to do with them at first, and I still don't. I was gonna make an art project, an art car. I know Manny needs a car so I was thinking about makin a car out of em. I actually gave them to a homeless person. 


Thats good. They'll probably be able to get a lot more use out of them.

Yeah, I only go through two a week. 

What's the backround behind 'the Bludz' shirt you designed for TEAM?

Well, G.I. Joe, specifically the villains, the bad people in G.I. Joe. I grew up with them, I grew up with the 'Joes'. But I grew up more with Major Bludd and his family, Destro, Baroness and their posse. I just always liked the bad dudes more than the good people. He had a patch and a helmet and I thought he looked like he fit in with that family. 

Who is the boss: Tony Danza or Bruce Springstein?

I'm gonna have to go with Bruce on that.


You have a job, right?

Yeah, I got a job.

Whereabouts are you working at?

I'm doing some metal work. I'd rather not give out any specific names, might backfire on me for some reason. But yeah, it's been payin the bills, makin meals.

How do you approach the art that you do? Would you call it 'art'? 

The 'Major Bludd' art?

No, more so the art that have you have done. I know that you like to do some art with your free time.

Naw man. I just like to do it. Turn on some music, drink some beers. I've been doin it forever, it seems like. Still doin it. If you wanna call it 'art' you can, but  I think it's more like skating. It's an art form, but more of a passion. 

Right, something that you flow to.

Yeah, something that comes naturally.

Does your wife think your funny?

What's your definition of 'funny'?

What's your definition of 'funny'? Would your wife apply it to you?

Well, I think she questions me. She chuckles, I'm not sure if it's to entertain or amuse me. I think she partially...what the fuck did you jus say? I'd say half an half. It depends on how drunk she is. She definitely thinks I'm funny looking.

What musical artists have you been listening to lately?

I've been listening to a lot of Alabama lately. My wife and I just recently alphabetised my records so I've been able to find everything that I need to and want to. I've been listenin to a lil bit of her stuff, a lil bit of my stuff. A lot of Alabama. A lil bit of Armored Saint. Right now Marshall Tucker Band is on the record. A bunch of shit.

What do you think about the political situation in Washington, DC these days? 

Thats a good question. I don't.

That's a great approach. Well that wraps it up Brad. Thanks for doing this.

That was pretty damn weird.