Public Announcement December 06 2013

We here at TEAM were startled by an interesting piece of news today: Willie Nelson has cancelled his show at SeaWorld in response to allegations that SeaWorld exploits and mistreats orca whales. The whole uproar started when CNN premiered a documentary called Blackfish. Many viewers were so outraged by what they saw in this film that they urged Willie and other musicians to boycott SeaWorld. I have yet to see the film, but according to the Internet it is a powerful report on the abuse whales and dolphins  are subjected to by water parks such as SeaWorld and Marine Land. We couldn't help but think of the relation between this story and our Free Willie shirt. In other news, we here at Team have been hard at work. Each day we get closer and closer to discovering the supreme truth as to how to sell a t-shirt. Last Friday, John made his presence at the plaid friday event. It was...well it was. That's it for us, have a great weekend!


Hustlin at The Indie Mart August 27 2013

Last Sunday we here at Team spent our day in the streets, selling t-shirts, coozies, posters, and wrapping paper at an 'indie flee market'. In additional to hustlin we crushed Pabs tall boyz, ate barbecue sandwiches/ tater tots, and lurked hard. The event was hosted on the side street next to the Thee Parkway bar in La Mission. Among the other merchants were local designers, artists, musicians, an DJs. All in all it was a fun day, shoutouts to all the organizers (especially Kelly Malone) who made it happin!