Public Announcement #2 January 22 2014

Greetings fellow citizens! It's been a while, or should I say, a 'minute' since I updated yinz. In recent news, the east coast is getting smashed by snow and bitter cold. In the 'Hawaii of Pennsylvania', the home of many employees at Team, the temperature is 10 degrees today. In other news, it seems as if the U.S. economy is accelerating forward. The Federal Reserve has started to taper off their huge stimulus program, and the unemployment rate has continued to fall to a level now below 7%. In the sports world, the 49ers ruined many bay area residents night plans on Sunday. But on the real, does San Francisco really deserve another winning team? Major League Baseball hit the headlines last week when it was announced that Alex Rodriguez is suspended for the next 162 games and the 2014 postseason. The decision was based on Rodgiuez's use of performance enhancing drugs, but I also see it as a punishment for being an asshole in general. However, here at Team, we've been gripped by news of more a intellectual substance, namely the new wave of 'Bieber fever'. The 19 year old celebrity is back at it again, this time egging neighbors homes, gettin raided by 'jakes', and makin it rain at Miami nightclubs. Were all about this kid! Shit, he's only 19 and already worth 130 million dollars! If that doesn't say hard work, passion, and creativity, then we hear at Team are just a bunch of slackoffs. If you support Canada's foremost pop singer and feel like showing it, check out our Bieber shirt here. Valentine's day is just around the corner. Can you feel love in the air? I can't, because after all, love is for assholes. We just printed these Valentines cards, and as of now they are up on the web store. If you'd rather not pay for shipping, a few stores in the bay area have been nice enough to carry them. They are Pegasus Book Store up by Rockridge,  Marion and Rose in Old Oakland, and Needles & Pens in the Mission District.



Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014 January 07 2014

2013 was a great year (cliche?) ! We here at Team spent this past year barbecuing, printing, drinking tall boys, eating deli sandwiches, lurking, guiding fellow ghetto boy scouts, reminiscing over the 90s, and complaining about the lack of respect in todays world. On a more personal level, I (ghostrider) can look back on this past year with feelings of satisfaction and joy. After all, this was the year I attained my American citizenship and became a man. When I strolled into Team at the beginning of 13' I was a boy, but by the time the year came to close, I was a man. But now that 2013 has come to a close, we should say our final good-byes, and move on. To help you cope with post-holiday depression (a real thing), we are offering a 50% discount on all shirts. 


12 Steps to Recovery December 20 2013

When most people think of screen printing, they imagine the process of applying ink, through a screen, onto an object, whether that be a t-shirt, coozie, or poster. That's a large part of the process, but it isn't the whole. Along with the inherent creativity, joy, and fun of screen printing there is also another side, namely the 'dark side'. The 'dark side' of screen printing consists of cleaning and reclaiming screens.

After a screen is used it needs to be cleaned of residue ink, and reclaimed for future use. Reclaiming is basically recycling a screen; specifically, it is the process by which a screen is cleaned of all emulsion and grease. Most of my job's duties lie in this dark realm. That is not to say I resent those duties. After all, the dark side is  just as important and integral to screen printing as the actual process of printing. As the print masters will tell you, any padawan must spend years cleaning and reclaiming screens before they are ready to step to the press. 

At the close of a print, a screen becomes battered and stripped of its cleanliness. Through the '12 Steps to Recovery' one can transform the screen back into a noble instrument. To help you grasp this process, I have prepared a step by step tutorial that illustrates these twelve steps. All in all, this post is meant to educate those about the less significant aspects of screen printing.

Step 1- Get in the Mode

Dirty screens. 

Step 2- Cleanin Screens

The first step of the renewal requires removing all of the leftover ink. We strap the screen into the press so its stable and easier to clean. First thing first, gotta remove that tape along the perimeter of the screen. Next, we spray mineral spirits onto the screen. Mineral spirits break up the ink and make it easier to strip the ink with paper towels. 

 3- Scrub Away

Its crucial to scrub the screen from the top and bottom, that way the ink is completely removed. This is probably the most time consuming part of cleaning screens. It can also start to wear on you if you've been huffin mineral spirit vapors for hours. Best to set up some fans while doin this.

4- Step into the Dark Room

This is where all the magic goes does. Reclaim central! We reclaim the screens in the wash basin, which also doubles as a urinal on Fridays. 

5- Spray it Down

Now that the screens somewhat clean, its time to strip that emulsion. As you can see in the above shot, we use a pressure washer to do most of the work. This tools deafening loud but gets the job done quickly. We start by washing the screen off with water.

6- Emulsion Remover

To strip the emulsion, we use a chemical called (you guessed right) emulsion remover. The spray bottle is a mix of one part emulsion remover, nine parts water. Spray the screen down.

7 - Beat it Out

After the emulsion remover has started to settle in its time to scrub it down. We use a coarse scrub brush to grind away the leftover emulsion. It always come off pretty quickly. 

8- Blast It

This step is by far my favorite part of the whole process. Maybe its the sensation of power as I blast that emulsion away!

9- Simply Green

Following the removal of all the emulsion it is imperative to degrease the screen. This step ensures that fisheyes won't show up the next time you burn the screen. We use Simple Green to degrease. Spray it, let it chill for a bit, then spray it down.

10 - Take the Trash Out 

One our customer recently described our community courtyard as similar to 'Training Day'. When takin the trash out its important to keep an eye out for the dogs. Some of em are cool, some arent. 

11- Dodge Turds

No Respect!

12- Just Anotha Day...

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!



Friday the 13th December 13 2013


Public Announcement December 06 2013

We here at TEAM were startled by an interesting piece of news today: Willie Nelson has cancelled his show at SeaWorld in response to allegations that SeaWorld exploits and mistreats orca whales. The whole uproar started when CNN premiered a documentary called Blackfish. Many viewers were so outraged by what they saw in this film that they urged Willie and other musicians to boycott SeaWorld. I have yet to see the film, but according to the Internet it is a powerful report on the abuse whales and dolphins  are subjected to by water parks such as SeaWorld and Marine Land. We couldn't help but think of the relation between this story and our Free Willie shirt. In other news, we here at Team have been hard at work. Each day we get closer and closer to discovering the supreme truth as to how to sell a t-shirt. Last Friday, John made his presence at the plaid friday event. It was...well it was. That's it for us, have a great weekend!


Plaid Friday Live Print November 22 2013

TEAM will be joining numerous other vendors at this years Plaid Friday event. Plaid Friday you ask? According to it is:

the idea of weaving the individual threads of small businesses together to create a strong fabric that celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses. Plaid Friday is the relaxing and enjoyable alternative to the big box store “Black Friday,” and is designed promote both local and independently owned businesses during the holidays.

On November 29th, John and the print bike will be posted around Latham Square doin some mobile screen printing. This live-print is a collaboration between TEAM and East Bay Express. In addition, John will have a booth set up; retailing a few of the house products, namely, Ying Yang, I<3 Cats, Slayer, and 2Spock. More info here

Casa Indio Live Print November 08 2013

Last night, John and Reed were back at it again, doin live prints in SF. The event was in part of the Casa Indio festival, presented by VICE and Indio Beer. John stamped two different prints, both desgined by Yukako Ezoe

the Story of the Bludds October 24 2013

About a month back, our buddy Brad Boulton was unemployed. Some see unemployment as a break from the real world. Not Brad though. The entire time Brad was out of work he was busy creating and designing. Here at TEAM, we were lucky to capitalise off of his efforts with 'the Bludds' shirt. Designed and created by Brad, its unique in many ways, just like Brad himself. 

Brad is originally from the South, but now resides in Oakland. I met Brad a few years back through skateboarding. Bottom line, the guy rips. Without further ado, a conversation with the man himself. From the south to your mouth, give it a read. 

words & interview by: ghostrider

photos by: Matt Quiggle

Let's start with some basics. How old are? Where are you from and how long have you living in Oakland,CA for?

38 years old, I'm from Conyers, Georgia, and I've been in Oakland since about 2002.

What type of spots do you like to skate?

I like a little bit of everything. I'm happy just pushing. I'm really happy once I get the grind pumpin. Jus carvin mainly. My ollies have gone down in the last few years so I'm more about transition now, I guess. I'm still learning new shit, even with the basics. But as long as I can grind something and carve I'm happy.

Has your approach and perspective of skateboarding changed since you started?

Shit man, I don't know If I ever had an approach. I been there, get buzzed, and roll around. That's an approach. It comes in waves, I've definitely seen it at it's high and low points. It goes in cycles for sure. And then you know, all the genres, the brand names, and the tricks involved with it. It's definitely got it's ups and downs, just like everything.

So your birthday was a few weeks back, did you get anything good?

Yeah man, I got some tampons. My buddy 'Manada' brought me some Maxi-pads so I was pretty stocked about that. I didn't know what to do with them at first, and I still don't. I was gonna make an art project, an art car. I know Manny needs a car so I was thinking about makin a car out of em. I actually gave them to a homeless person. 


Thats good. They'll probably be able to get a lot more use out of them.

Yeah, I only go through two a week. 

What's the backround behind 'the Bludz' shirt you designed for TEAM?

Well, G.I. Joe, specifically the villains, the bad people in G.I. Joe. I grew up with them, I grew up with the 'Joes'. But I grew up more with Major Bludd and his family, Destro, Baroness and their posse. I just always liked the bad dudes more than the good people. He had a patch and a helmet and I thought he looked like he fit in with that family. 

Who is the boss: Tony Danza or Bruce Springstein?

I'm gonna have to go with Bruce on that.


You have a job, right?

Yeah, I got a job.

Whereabouts are you working at?

I'm doing some metal work. I'd rather not give out any specific names, might backfire on me for some reason. But yeah, it's been payin the bills, makin meals.

How do you approach the art that you do? Would you call it 'art'? 

The 'Major Bludd' art?

No, more so the art that have you have done. I know that you like to do some art with your free time.

Naw man. I just like to do it. Turn on some music, drink some beers. I've been doin it forever, it seems like. Still doin it. If you wanna call it 'art' you can, but  I think it's more like skating. It's an art form, but more of a passion. 

Right, something that you flow to.

Yeah, something that comes naturally.

Does your wife think your funny?

What's your definition of 'funny'?

What's your definition of 'funny'? Would your wife apply it to you?

Well, I think she questions me. She chuckles, I'm not sure if it's to entertain or amuse me. I think she partially...what the fuck did you jus say? I'd say half an half. It depends on how drunk she is. She definitely thinks I'm funny looking.

What musical artists have you been listening to lately?

I've been listening to a lot of Alabama lately. My wife and I just recently alphabetised my records so I've been able to find everything that I need to and want to. I've been listenin to a lil bit of her stuff, a lil bit of my stuff. A lot of Alabama. A lil bit of Armored Saint. Right now Marshall Tucker Band is on the record. A bunch of shit.

What do you think about the political situation in Washington, DC these days? 

Thats a good question. I don't.

That's a great approach. Well that wraps it up Brad. Thanks for doing this.

That was pretty damn weird. 




Betty White on a tote bag. We like to call it ' Happy Homemaker'.

Here's John's mom modelling it.

If you are interested in purchasing one, they are available on our new Etsy page here

Were Goin to the Playoffs! September 27 2013

Well, the A's did it again, they're goin to the playoffs! This years team is truly a bargain team. Out of the ten teams likely to go to the playoffs, Oakland's budget ranks second to last, just a couple mill above the Pirates. Of course, that doesn't really mean shit. But if the Pirates and the A's ended up in the world series?! damn, real underdogs! Here at Team the majority of our staff is from Pennsylvania so were rootin for the Pirates! 

So here we go again, our 2013 playoff predictions. For our analysis we relied upon complex statistical analysis and some dank bud. In the American League we forecast that the Indians will beat the Rays, and the A's will beat the Tigers. For the AL Championships we predict that the A's will prevail against the Red Sox. In the National League we see the Pirates beating the Reds and Braves, while the Cardinals will trump the Dodgers. The NL Championship will definitely go to the Pirates. That means an A's vs. Pirates world series! 

That would truly be historic! It's been 23 years since the A's went to the series, and an astounding 34 years for the Pirates. Speaking of historic, we have a shirt that commemorates Roland Glen Fingers, a.k.a. Rollie Fingers, the renowned A's reliever.

It's called ' Rollicorn ' and is available on the e-store. After all, if you believe in unicorns you probably also believe that the A's will win the World Series. 



FROM THE VAULTS #2 September 20 2013


Nuns don't Work on Sunday September 20 2013

Yesterday I became a man. It all happened so fast. Your probably thinkin that puberty overcame me however that has yet to happen. So what brought about this change you ask? Two words...Thomas Magnum. This guy is the quintessential man. Everything I have to learn about manhood will come from this guy. Speakin of which, we here at Team just printed some shirts for the Kona Club bearing Magnum himself. 

If you have you've never been to the Kona Club you should know its Oakland's best Tiki Bar. They have a menu full of fruity tiki cocktails and a volcano that occasionally blows. Now you have something to do tonight! 



Last weekend had its highs and lows. Here at Team we like to finish our week with some grilled chicken. Unfortunately John could not be present for this because of a live screen-print at The Trappist. Supposedly he was printing some coozies in-scripted with the Evil Twin Brewery's logo.

Not being able to grill chicken that Friday hit hard. Since then my whole emotional and physical state has been out of whack. Usually I'd be able to persevere for a week without chicken but it was the fact that I hadn't had it for two weeks! You see, two Fridays back I was unsuccessful in getting the chicken we usually get. Breast chicken is the best. It clean, easy, and tastes the best. But the spot we go to only had chicken legs with the bones. Lemme tell you, don't do it. It will ruin the experience. Anyway back to last Friday.

Because of these upsets I was jonsin for chicken and thus hopin we could grill and restore equilibrium. Sad to say, but John flaked. He said he had some prior obligation, specifically a live-print at the Rock-Paper-Scissor Collective where he printed Betty White's face. The event was part of the Mission Creek Oakland Music & Arts Festival 

Well theres not much more to say. Right know I'm feelin lightheaded and I can feel the shakes startin to come on. If theres one thing you should take away from this its that when given the choice between breast and leg chicken, choose breast.


TEAM September 01 2013

From the vaults...

I’m afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning August 30 2013

A few months back we released a video documenting the printing of two Burrito posters.  Much of the inspiration for the posters came from frequent lunches at our local taco truck. Food trucks, especially taco trucks, have revolutionized fast food. In our neighborhood there are three different trucks within a three block radius. Being able to get a freshly made burrito at all times of the day has changed my life in great ways. Our favorite truck, El Perla 2, is ideal for Spicy Pork Burritos and even has a shaded area where we get our Siesta on. Anyway both of these posters are available on the e-store. The video was filmed and edited by the homie Ty Gwin. 


Hustlin at The Indie Mart August 27 2013

Last Sunday we here at Team spent our day in the streets, selling t-shirts, coozies, posters, and wrapping paper at an 'indie flee market'. In additional to hustlin we crushed Pabs tall boyz, ate barbecue sandwiches/ tater tots, and lurked hard. The event was hosted on the side street next to the Thee Parkway bar in La Mission. Among the other merchants were local designers, artists, musicians, an DJs. All in all it was a fun day, shoutouts to all the organizers (especially Kelly Malone) who made it happin!




Some good folk' from Foothill College visited the shop the other day. John showed some aspiring screenprinters how to print a coozie. Thank you to Homasuki Photography for contributing these snapshots.


3rd Annual Printmakers Picnic @ Mosswood Park August 13 2013

Became a print master, since then its been a disaster for you and your favourite printers August 12 2013

Last night Team Print Shop made their presence at the Dogwood Bar for a coozie live-print. For $3 people were able to purchase a crisp Ol' Brick Bitter, brewed by Liden Street, and with that received a freshly printed coozie.

Freqeunt shop lurker Paul Solis desgined the art for this coozie and was on deck hustlin fools for $3.

Thank you to Liden Street and the Dogwood for makin it happin!


Live Print @ Dogwood Bar August 06 2013

Coozie Live Print Release
Team Print Shop x Paul Solis
August 12 @ 7pm
Happy Hour all day!
Ages 4.3+


Mention me when you mention God August 01 2013

This weekend Jason Phillips, from FTW Tattoo Parlor, based out of Oakland, will be attending the Pacific Ink & Art Exposition in Honolulu. Jason designed the image seen above and we helped him print the 4-color image on a wood panel that measures 6 X 8 inches. The original artwork was done as a water color painting and the final product was our subsequent interpretation. We wish Jason good luck in his Honolulu adventures this weekend. Check out more of Jason's work here


Helping Hands July 25 2013

Last week Team Print Shop went vertical. John helped Golden West do a golden flake sign. It was fun and a learning experience.



Yesterday we here at Team performed a live-print at Kenneth Cole's SF store. From 5-8 the store hosted an event in support of the upcoming 'Pride 2013' parade and 'equality' for all.  Anyone who bought something during the jamboree received a freshly printed shirt and some free ice cream. Heres some pictures documenting what went down:

John and Reed, uphand right corner, putting in work while some customers browse apparel

The store manager, seen here photo bombing, and John servin one up

Reed, seen on the right, fanning out on the print process. Our three man crew included Reed who helped us transport all the heavy equiptment to SF and back.

Good times all around. If you are interested in having your own live press please contact us. 

HI ALL May 25 2011

Our friend Annie of All Knitwear just sent over these photos of her PIECE Tote , which she embroidered with awesome little dinosaurs and lettering. Annie makes amazing knitwear in my hometown of Minneapolis, and takes inspiration from the same things that inspire us, like Cheetos. Annie was one of our first official clients, we printed this TEAM: Annie Road shirt for her back in November. Check out her site and show her some love! 


Cheeto inspiration: