The True North Strong and Free!

4/20 Canada hosers international relations weed

TEAM PRINT SHOP is once again bringing you some [high]lowbrow art. In the bay area, April 20th marks a widely celebrated holiday rich in traditions of music, snacks, and art. Like any other big holiday, 4/20 entails a considerable amount of pre-holiday stress. This week, contract work is through the roof as weed clubs, rappers, and hippies all placed rush orders (too busy prepping for the holidays to remember to place orders 10-14 days before the 20th), but, rest assured, I’ve taken some time to create a few items commemorating the holiday. I have been thinking about the impending holiday and...

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I'm afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning

Burrito Underground Super7 Store Tote Bag

We here at Team Print Shop are pleased to announce the release of the Burrito Underground tote bag. As a collaboration between Team and the Super7 store, the Burrito Underground is a two-color screenprint on a 15 x 15 in cotton tote bag with black handles. The bag comes in two different options, one bearing "Carnitas", the other "Beans & Rice". So if you are interested in displaying your love for fine mexican cuisine and existentialism then head on over to the Super7 store where they are being sold. 

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Behind the Curtain

creative process Kiss meditation Peter Criss workflow

Saint Patrick's day is comin up, and in an effort to take part in the festivities, we've printed a coozie that alludes to a cliche and Peter Criss from Kiss. The idea for this coozie started the same way many of our ideas start; simply by waiting. Some approach brainstorming by getting a bunch of people together in a room and writing their thoughts down on a large whiteboard while hoping that along the way some resounding idea will reveal itself. This is not the case at Team. You see, when seeking a thought or idea, we sit and wait....

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Top Five NFL Logos

NFL logos Top Five

After a few weeks of contemplation, Team Print Shop presents their top five NFL logos. We would have liked to bring you this post earlier, ideally before the Super Bowl weekend, but BBQ, chicken, and relaxation trumped our initiatives. So here it is, written by John Ream IV.  5. Minnesota Vikings (1966-2012) Not every dude can pull off a handlebar mustache, headband, and braided pigtails and still look like he could score some babes.  How does this contrasting viking/biker/middle school girl lacrosse player image result in a look that is feared by men and adored by women?  It’s all in...

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Public Announcement #2

justin bieber news sports weather

Greetings fellow citizens! It's been a while, or should I say, a 'minute' since I updated yinz. In recent news, the east coast is getting smashed by snow and bitter cold. In the 'Hawaii of Pennsylvania', the home of many employees at Team, the temperature is 10 degrees today. In other news, it seems as if the U.S. economy is accelerating forward. The Federal Reserve has started to taper off their huge stimulus program, and the unemployment rate has continued to fall to a level now below 7%. In the sports world, the 49ers ruined many bay area residents night...

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